5 best inspirational stories showing how powerful self belief is

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Here are 5 best inspirational stories that I am sure will make you believe that we can get whatever we want in life and no matter how many problems we face, how many times we face failure, but we do not lose until we lose heart

He never stopped trying:

It is the story of a boy from Henryville, Indiana. His father passed away at a very young age, so his mother started working at a tomato canary, and the little boy stayed at home taking care of his siblings and cooking for them.
The family was going through hard times, so to help his family, he dropped out of school and started working at 10. He started working as a painter of horse carriages.When he was 16, he faked his age to get into the US army.

After getting discharged from there, he worked as a railway laborer and studied law, but he ruined his career because of a physical fight, and thus he moved back. He started selling life insurances, but because he could not complete the target, he was fired. Some years later, he established a ferry boat company, it was an instant success, but later on, the company got bankrupt.

This many hardships, but the boy was not ready to give up. By the age of 40, he started working with an oil company, but the company closed due to recession. Later on, he started serving fried chickens and other meals at gas stations.

Soon his pan-fried chicken made him famous in that region, a few years later, he started his restaurant, but suddenly due to an argument and fatal shootout at his restaurant, he had to shut down his restaurant. Some years later, he built a motel near his restaurant, hoping to start his restaurant, but due to an accident, it caught fire, and the man was left with nothing, but the man was still not ready to give up.

He again built his restaurant and motel, but this time world war 2 forced him to shut down his business. After the war, he tried selling his recipes, but it was rejected many times.

Finally, in 1952 he sold his recipe ‘KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN(KFC) to one of the city’s largest restaurants, and it quickly became a massive hit, and as a result, several other restaurants were willing to incorporate this master dish, but again to his misfortune, his restaurant shut down. Finally, one day, he decided to open his franchise in the US and a company headquarter.

He used to stay in his car and visit different restaurants and offered to cook, and if the owners liked it, he negotiated a franchise right. Thus this man finally started his career at 75 years of failures, rejection, and several accidents. Colonel Sander’s KFC became a huge hit in the US and expanded globally. When he passed away at the age of 90, there were more than 6000 KFC restaurants globally, and today years after his death, there are more than 25k outlets globally, and still, it is continuing to expand.

restaurant source of inspiration

He was rejected 1000 times:

This is the story of a poor young man who wanted to be an actor since childhood. But nothing was going in his favor as when he was born, his face was partially paralyzed as he was poor, totally broke, unable to pay his expense, but the man was not ready to take a normal job, rather he was not ready to give up on his dreams.

He preferred to stay poor than to become a wage slave. So one fine day, he decided to start the journey of his
of his dreams. This man moved to LA along with his dog to start auditioning for multiple roles a day. But as usual, nothing was going in his favor as he started facing rejections, mainly because his chin was also paralyzed, and because of this, his voice became slurry

He ran out of money. To save himself from the chilling cold, he started living in a library and surrounded by books; he started reading books on screenplays and started writing plays. The man offered his play to various studios, but he was rejected every day.

He was no longer in the state to take care of his dog. Hence, he sold his dog to a stranger; this particular event tore him apart. He was devasted. After this event, he went to a bar to lower his heartache where he saw a boxing match on a TV called Muhammad Ali, the greatest boxer of all-time, vs. Chuck Wepner, who fought 15 rounds. Still, Chuck Wepner, with his undying spirit, refused to surrender himself in front of God Of boxing, this match suddenly did something to our hero, and he went back and started writing a story. After writing his story, he offered it to many studios, but it was rejected.

One day after getting rejected for a role as he was leaving, suddenly he realized that he has got a script in his bag, so he offered it to the producer, and they promised him to give it a look. Two days later, he got a call that they wanted to make a movie on this, and they offered 350k $ for this, but he rejected because he wanted the lead role in the movie, as he knew that I would regret all his life if I step back, so finally he was roped in to play lead for just 35$ bucks.

he was rejected 1000 times-inspirational

The next day he went back to the shop where he sold his dog to get back his dog back, and the stranger finally agreed to give back his dog as our hero offered him a little role in the movie.

Since the budget was very less, the man took help from his family and friends to play small parts, and shooting was done with a single normal camera. The movie was completed, and now it was a day for the movie screening. Our hero arrived in the theatre with his mother, where the theatre was packed with producers.

The movie started, but nothing was going well as the audience started leaving one by one until he and his mother was left. His mother consoled him and praised him for his hard work, and as soon as they came out of the theatre, the huge audience was waiting outside for our hero, and they applauded him for his marvelous work.

Our hero Sylvestor Stallone, his first movie Rocky shot with a handheld camera and very less budget was nominated for 9 Oscar category and received 3 out of them. The same year movie was released and did business for 200 million dollars globally.

He believed his mother:

This is the story of a school-going boy. Unlike any other ordinary school-going boy, he was always restless and wanted to know everything going around him. For example, why do birds fly and not humans? Why does the sun rise only in the east, not in the west? And the list of the question was endless, but unfortunately, none of his teachers had answers to his questions. The boy used to ask too many questions. His relatives and neighbors started to believe that the boy was mentally weak.

So one fine day, his teacher handed a note to him and asked him to give this to his mother. The boy handed the same note to his mother, when mother read the note she burst into tears, the boy asked what was written on it, the mother replied that your teacher said, “your child is very talented, and school is not good enough to fulfill his needs, arrange some good school and teachers for him” after listening to this the boy was overwhelmed with joy, after this, she started teaching his son at home.

mother and his son -inspirational

Years passed like this boy acquired scientific skills by doing experiments, studying hard, and eventually becoming a successful investor in America’s history by inventing the electric bulb. The same electric bulb was invented after 10,000 failed attempts.

That successful inventor and businessman was none other than Sir Thomas Alva Edison, who needs no introduction today. One day he visited his childhood house to relive his memory, and there he found a note in his mother’s box.

Having heart filled with joy, he took out the note and started reading it, and the note stated, “Your child is mentally weak and is not fit for schooling kindly take care of your child and provide him proper treatment” reading the note, Sir Edison cried like a child. Later on, in his writings, he mentioned that” a great mother turned a mentally weak boy into a great inventor.

He knew he was born to create history:

This is the story of a poor boy who was born with problems. This child was born in Kentucky, America. Nothing was right in the family. The boy’s father had to walk home after doing a hefty job. Once, he had to lose his land due to a domestic debate.

After this, the whole family left the city and moved to Indiana. The boy did not have a good relationship with the father; the father used to get the boy to do a lot of work, due to which that boy could never go to school.

At the age of 10, his mother passed away. Later on, his stepmother taught the child to read and write. For many years, he did a very small job in many places. After some years, the man got married, and his wife died soon after the wedding. Due to this accident, he was in shock for years and had a nervous breakdown.

His friends kept him away from knife scissors or any fatal thing so that he would not cause any harm to himself. But this man was not among those who easily give up.

Abraham Lincoln struggle

After this, he tried his hand in many businesses and bought many lands, but he suffered everywhere. But despite so many failures, he was confident that he would do some great work one day. After losing his job in 1732, he contested the state assembly elections, which he lost badly. In 1834 he contested the election of House Speaker, in which he lost again.

After this, he tried his hand in many businesses and bought many lands, but he suffered everywhere. But despite so many failures, he was confident that he would do some great work one day. After losing his job in 1732, he contested the state assembly elections, which he lost badly. In 1834 he contested the election of House Speaker, in which he lost again.

After so many failures and struggles, finally, he won the President of America’s election in 1860. This man was none other than Abraham Lincoln, America’s most famous and successful president to date, who ended slavery, saved America from civil war, explained the importance of public system governance to the world, and created history.

Never allowed his physical disability to knock him down:

It is natural to take birth with hands and feet. But is every person in the world lucky enough to be born like a common man? The answer is no, think what will happen if someone takes your hands and feet from you for only one day? Easy, you can’t even think.

No matter how much we get rich, whatever amount of comfort we get, but if any part of the body is separated from us, it seems impossible for us to live life.

Nick Vujicic -Inspirational

But one man with his indomitable courage and deep faith proved this wrong. The story of a man who was born in Australia in 1982, due to a deadly disease, his arms and legs could not develop in his mother’s womb and he was born without hands and feet.

With the support of his family, he started living life like an ordinary child. But it was not so easy because people used to look down upon him, and he did not have any friends in school, and his fellow mates made fun of him. Fed up with all this, he tried to commit suicide at the age of 10. Anyhow his family managed to save him.

After this incident, the child started searching for his life’s purpose and started making his way. He developed a strong faith in himself and God.

At the age of 16, he opened his first NGO. One of his speeches at the age of 19 made him one of the world’s finest motivational speakers. At such a young age, he wandered around the world and started motivating people who had lost the purpose of their lives despite being abled with his speech. He always used to say, “Trust me, losing hope is worse than losing hands and feet, so accept whatever you get in life with an open heart even if it is a difficulty because difficulties are the only way to reach success.

The name of such a brilliant and great man is Nick Vujicic. Besides being a motivational speaker, he is a swimmer, is a good painter, is a writer, is a footballer, and much more. Today, whenever the world’s best Motivational Speakers are named, his name comes at the top.

So from now onwards, whenever you feel like giving up in life, recall the story of these brave people and remember quitters never win and winners never quit, and you are a winner, so keep fighting until you don’t get what you want from your life.

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